Foods for the New Depression Soup Deconstructed.

As bleak as it is to think about, the world economy it will not be the same for a while and maintaining a healthy diet, while being very budget conscious, will be what most of us are doing. I have been reading books about, and studying the food history of this era to see whatContinue reading “Foods for the New Depression Soup Deconstructed.”

How do you solve a problem like Zucchini?

If you garden you know you will have many zucchini and quite soon. They grow fast, fruit fast and continue to grow all summer and into fall. You can eat the blossom and the whole fruit. While many grow them, and share them it is not a vegetable that bring excitement to the table. TheContinue reading “How do you solve a problem like Zucchini?”

And on the third day they rose again

I have enjoyed looking at your photos of bread failures. I suggested some ways to use both the leftovers and the bread fails. Stop being so hard on yourselves. Bread is not the easiest kitchen skill to master. I understand the desire for it, warm and fragrant from the oven bread can be the ultimateContinue reading “And on the third day they rose again”