Garlic Soup


If you are hoarding potatoes, you probably have a good supply of garlic. This soup is about as easy as any soup can be and you are rewarded with a great result with little effort.

Butter/ oil

2 leeks split and washed (Save the hard green outsides and tops and wash them well) (2 large onions can be used if you have no leeks)

2 heads of garlic peeled.

6 small potatoes

About two liter or quart of water

Salt and pepper

Wash and chop the split leeks. Take the unusable part and wash putting in a pot of water to simmer for at least an hour to give you a flavorful stock.

Chop the potatoes and put in a pan or skillet tossed with a touch of olive oil and salt and roast, a little browning adds depth of flavor.

Peel two heads of garlic (NO it is not too much)

Saute the leeks and the whole garlic cloves in the butter/oil mix until they are soft and fragrant.

When the potatoes are cooked add a little broth to your solids and use an immersion blender or Vitamix or Waring Blender to puree. Add in the rest of the broth, salt and pepper to taste.

It is that simple and that good. You can top with croutons, a drizzle of oil, a sprinkle of cheese or just drink from a cup. You are not going anywhere so don’t worry about your breath.

Published by Chef Wilder

A chef who has been specializing in Food tourism for several years. I decided to launch this to put in one place some of the simplest ways of making food primarily because I am seeing people in the grocery for often the first time due to the Corona outbreak who have no idea what to do with food once they get it home. In the US I became known as the Food Stamp Chef for publicly taking on both the establishment in D.C. and personally living under a food stamp budget twice in my life for two months at a time. #SocialSolidarity

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