Pesto, pesto and more pesto

The Pestos of Italy are among my favorite pasta sauces. I have written about some of them before, the famous Walnut Pesto and Two others. Today I write about the art of pesto creation. Many Italians have a garden or a sunny windowsill where herbs are grown. When pesto is desired a formal recipe mayContinue reading “Pesto, pesto and more pesto”

Eggs, our best value protein

During the Depression in the US egg soup was popular for dinner. Those with the funds to eat at a breakfast counter often get either fried or poached eggs. I buy my eggs directly from a farmer so they are organic, free range, uncaged, etc….If you can I suggest you do the same. The differenceContinue reading “Eggs, our best value protein”

Recipes for the New Depression: Hoover Stew

Pick a sausage, any sausage. Through my contact form I have been hearing about meat shortages in the US grocers. “Meat is becoming impossible to obtain, yesterday the Kroger put a limit of two packages and they only had sausage and cold cuts left at the end of the day” First let me point outContinue reading “Recipes for the New Depression: Hoover Stew”

Recipes for the new Depression: Spaghetti with onions

I was reminded of this recipe a couple of days ago. I had originally published it in 2010. It was a commission to re-create a dish based on remembered tastes. As so many of these jobs have come to me it was from an older person who wanted a taste of his childhood. Having beenContinue reading “Recipes for the new Depression: Spaghetti with onions”

Ragu alla Bolognese aka Bolognese sauce

Only white, no tomato. When I asked people to tell me what they needed from me as far as recipes I received in response a recipe from a family in Bologna that has been copied from 1860. It was the family Ragu and only one member of the family could remember tasting it. He turnedContinue reading “Ragu alla Bolognese aka Bolognese sauce”

General Tsao’s Chicken recipe

As interpreted by his younger thinner brother. You can use mushrooms (I did) or Seitan or other protein and you will treat them all the same way. Hen of the woods mushrooms mixed with chanterelles are particularly delicious in this recipe. My cousin Jen is having a challenge making healthy food in a household thatContinue reading “General Tsao’s Chicken recipe”

Khoresh-e Fesenjoon (Persian Chicken Stew With Pomegranate …OR Chickpea Stew)

Before printing a recipe I test it and create measurements. As I have been cooking for a long time measuring and step by stepping a dish does not occur to me until I have to sit down and write about it. Many months ago my friend Ahmed shot this video, of course it was tooContinue reading “Khoresh-e Fesenjoon (Persian Chicken Stew With Pomegranate …OR Chickpea Stew)”

Recipe for perfect Grits, everytime

Stovetop grits are challenging, constant stirring, hoping they are cooked enough and not too much, keeping the heat low enough to get the right texture. No wonder people use instant. However the grits you purchase are going to be very important to the final result so the one rule is ….. ORGANIC ONLY Corn isContinue reading “Recipe for perfect Grits, everytime”