Bulgarian Shopsa Salad Recipe

When you can get or grow great tomatoes this summer salad is a must. When visiting Bulgaria I had it at least once a day. A video shows you my preparation but the salad is simplicity in itself.

Roughly equal parts

  • Orange or yellow pepper
  • Fresh ripe tomatoes
  • Cucumbers (remove seeds, keep peel)
  • Sweet red onion
  • Feta cheese
  • Dash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juic
  • Dash of olive oil

It is that simple and that delicious. I have it in my house most of the summer. Even the leftover after it has sat for a day is delicious. Loaded with B12 and C, this is a great thing to eat for your immune health.

Published by Chef Wilder

A chef who has been specializing in Food tourism for several years. I decided to launch this to put in one place some of the simplest ways of making food primarily because I am seeing people in the grocery for often the first time due to the Corona outbreak who have no idea what to do with food once they get it home. In the US I became known as the Food Stamp Chef for publicly taking on both the establishment in D.C. and personally living under a food stamp budget twice in my life for two months at a time. #SocialSolidarity

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