Chicken Marinade Recipe

This marinade tenderizes and imparts a subtle flavor to chicken and once it has sat for 24 hours in the mix…it can be Roast, baked, grilled, fried, smoked. In each and every case it comes out moist and delicious. Mix in equal parts Hot sauce (any type or heat level you prefer, avoid Siracha asContinue reading “Chicken Marinade Recipe”

Recipes for the New Depression: Hoover Stew

Pick a sausage, any sausage. Through my contact form I have been hearing about meat shortages in the US grocers. “Meat is becoming impossible to obtain, yesterday the Kroger put a limit of two packages and they only had sausage and cold cuts left at the end of the day” First let me point outContinue reading “Recipes for the New Depression: Hoover Stew”

Ragu alla Bolognese aka Bolognese sauce

Only white, no tomato. When I asked people to tell me what they needed from me as far as recipes I received in response a recipe from a family in Bologna that has been copied from 1860. It was the family Ragu and only one member of the family could remember tasting it. He turnedContinue reading “Ragu alla Bolognese aka Bolognese sauce”