Eggs, our best value protein

During the Depression in the US egg soup was popular for dinner. Those with the funds to eat at a breakfast counter often get either fried or poached eggs. I buy my eggs directly from a farmer so they are organic, free range, uncaged, etc….If you can I suggest you do the same. The differenceContinue reading “Eggs, our best value protein”

Recipes for the New Depression: Hoover Stew

Pick a sausage, any sausage. Through my contact form I have been hearing about meat shortages in the US grocers. “Meat is becoming impossible to obtain, yesterday the Kroger put a limit of two packages and they only had sausage and cold cuts left at the end of the day” First let me point outContinue reading “Recipes for the New Depression: Hoover Stew”

Recipes for the new Depression: Spaghetti with onions

I was reminded of this recipe a couple of days ago. I had originally published it in 2010. It was a commission to re-create a dish based on remembered tastes. As so many of these jobs have come to me it was from an older person who wanted a taste of his childhood. Having beenContinue reading “Recipes for the new Depression: Spaghetti with onions”